Michael Robinson, Best of Show winner from 2012 100% Pure Florida

June 4-30

Exhibition Opening: Friday June 7, 2013

We are excited to announce the upcoming solo-exhibition for Michael Robinson; last years 2012 100% Pure Florida Juried Exhibition winner for Best of Show.

In Robinson’s hands glass is not worked or manipulated but transformed into designs that suspend time. Captured in this exquisitely unforgiving medium is a portal into the mind’s eye of this talented artist. Entry may take us to a distant windswept shore – or result in the quiet contemplation of a single perfect bloom – or plunge us into the depths of that remote region known as inner space.

 Robinson states, “I have found glass to be an appropriate medium to express the forms found in nature – the fluid motion of wind and water and the shapes of the creatures that inhabit those realms –because glass echoes nature; it is enduring but fragile. Careless action can destroy a glass object (or a natural ecosystem) that would otherwise exist for eons. Here we have the underlying voice of glass”.


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