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We are a cooperative, member-owned gallery. Our member artists are all professional, working artists… many are award-winning! Please take a look at their portfolios and contact the gallery if you would like to see more of their work.

“I started painting with oils and, occasionally acrylics, in 1967.  As a self-taught artist,  I focus almost entirely on traditional representational landscapes and seascapes, with a strong leaning toward realism done exclusively in oils.”

Vicki is a Florida native an award-winning fine artist and graphic designer. After studying with several local, published, and internationally known artists, Vicki has developed her own unique impressionistic abstract painting style. She enjoys applying dramatic light and bold colors to her landscapes along with subtle reflected light and mysterious darks that make her night scenes dramatic and exciting. Recently she has been focusing on photographing then painting local wetlands, giving an abstract edge to them.

“I’m a self taught Photographer based out of the beautiful Space Coast of Florida. I try to show off the bits of the world we live in that people rarely see, or showcase the familiar in new ways. As a purist, instead of editing an image to fit my vision, I find wonder in the real world. So whether it’s seeking a viewpoint everyone else thought was too hard to get to, or shooting a spot you walk past every day – but this time lit only by starlight – everything I present actually existed as an actual moment in time.”

founding member

Nancy Crawford, a native of Ohio, has lived in Florida since 1948. She began her art career in 1970 after attending Brevard Community College and the Eliot McMurrough School of Art. Later, she was the Faculty Director and Instructor at the Eliot McMurrough School of Art. 

“There is no better feeling than when someone makes a connection with your artwork. They may share your love of color or interest of subject, or may not be able to explain their excitement at all. “Successful” art should excite the senses of the viewer…it does for me.”

“I am currently working in all forms of encaustic art and loving it. I have discovered encaustic monotypes and am enjoying the spontaneity, depth and the rich colors.”

Tricia’s desire is to have everyone who sees her work be moved to a beautiful memory or feeling in their lives.

“I look at everything in life as though I were going to paint it. Shadows, color, subject matter, how I can kick it up a notch? I love painting from nature and studying how sunlight and colors are really a combination of interacting abstract shapes creating a beautiful object. “

Lori enjoys painting realistically using bold colors and creating a sense of drama. She intensifies the use of color and contrast to create exciting works. Lori is an award winning artist and signature member of Florida Watercolor Society and Southern Watercolor Society.

A Wisconsin native, Jim previously lived in Florida, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles, California.  Brevard County became home in 2005. Photography and travel are two of the great passions in his life.  As a result, he has covered much of the globe in well over forty years, always with camera in hand. While much of his work is travel inspired, most recently he has started capturing the beauty of his Florida home. 

“As an artist, my focus is to try to capture the beauty of the world around us and interpret it according to my sensual and spiritual awareness. Whether representational or abstract, I would like my viewers to find a pleasant sanctuary in my paintings, where they can quietly reflect and discover a sense of relaxation and peace.”

Mendoza’s primary source of inspiration comes from the search of happiness that every human being need to find …”I’m not trying to explain the way of thinking, my art it’s more like a “stimulus to discover it” (Marco Mendoza) 

“Photography has been part of my life for over 40 years. Digital photography is very exciting since it combines photography with over 40 years of my work with computers and software.”

“I am a figurative sculptor who likes to work in portraiture and the human form. Working in clay, plaster, stone or wax, the figure is my vehicle of expression. My goal is to utilize a creative language to express clearly my emotional response to the human condition. Approaching the human figure with great respect, I enjoy all stages of creation including the search, struggle, and discoveries.

Helen now works in acrylics and mixed media and her process is loose, lively and intuitive. She finds this allows her love of color, movement and texture to create mystery in her works and tell a story with lost and found passages that make her work so unique.

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