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Metal Sculpture Art by
January 4-30
Opening Reception, Friday January 8, 2020

Mendenhall graduated from Oregon State University in 1968. After serving a tour of duty in the Air Force as an instructor pilot, he returned to the family farm in Oregon where he began creating metal sculptures in 1975. He is a self taught sculptor, drawing on his natural surroundings for inspiration. Walt spent many years hiking the mountains and forests of the West. Since moving to Florida in 2012, he has developed new lines of tropical sculptures such as coral fish, palms, sea grapes and others as he explores the beauty of Florida and the ocean. 

Walt works with steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze in a variety of ways to present the natural patterns that surround us in an interpretive expression of form, color and texture. The striking contrast of the worked stainless and the rich tones of bronze produces an ideal combination for his more contemporary designs. He has capitalized on the many colors derived from heating metals, bringing to life all the different types of metals he works with, copper being the most colorful of all. His newer tropical fish designs now use alcohol inks for color as well. 

2nd Saturday Artist Talk

Please join us on Saturday, January 9th at 2:00 and learn more about Walt’s techniques and experience as a metal sculptor. Please wear a mask. Seating is limited, so arrive shortly before 2:00.

John Buck Guest Artist

A little background...

Creating a painting is much like watching a photo develop in the darkroom. It is magical to see and feel a painting come to life. I am convinced that fine art comes from your heart and soul and is a true expression of who you are. I started with a blank canvas in 2016, bought some oils and took lessons from an incredible artist, the late SA Johnson. I use painting as a very pleasant escape from the craziness of everyday existence.
Forty years as a graphic designer, art director and photographer for clients such as Eastman Kodak has provided me with invaluable visual experience and a world-wide perspective on everyday life in a variety of cultural settings. Photographs tell stories and I love adding my vision to those stories. 
I like to challenge myself with a wide variety of subject matter and I hope my efforts bring some introspection and joy to others who share my love of the interplay of design and color. My ultimate goal is to create a painting or photograph that speaks to a person’s heart and evokes a positive emotional response.


Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is an artist owned co-op. Our gallery member artists are local professional artists, many are nationally recognized! They are what makes our gallery the best in Central Florida.





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