Gallery One, located in the front of the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, features a new themed exhibition every month. The shows are open to the public, admission is free. Please see EXHIBITIONS for a complete list of our upcoming shows.

FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK IS BACK! Join us Friday, May 7th, from 5:30-8:30.

Live on our front patio…Music from the Eau Gallie High School Jazz ensemble!

The World As I See It is a compilation of photographic work from my travels.  Photography and travel have been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. And I’ve been fortunate to have covered much of the world, always with camera in hand.  The result is that I have a rather extensive portfolio from every continent and enjoy sharing a sampling during this event.” 

Most of Jim’s work has been enhanced to some degree through digital picture processing which enables artistic expression limited only by the photographer’s imagination and creativity. “Since I like variety, this suits me ideally as it allows considerable latitude in combining photographic images with fine art and other effects, Kalupa explains. “The results range from sharp/vibrant images to those with muted/water color overtones.  Just about everything in between may be considered depending on how I view the image at the time of editing.” Kalupa calls his work Photo Art…  It is 21st century art.  

In the Pop-Up Gallery through May

Strokes by Red – Red (Linda Harrison) – Fine Art expressed with Contemporary Abstracts. Vibrant colors, different textures and unique, fluid movements are elements in Red’s original acrylic and oil paintings. Red connects with the world through her canvas. Her voice is the expression of abstract art. Abstract art allows the abstract artist to freely express her creative spirit with imagination not bound by reality. Through the use of color, strokes, textures, and shapes; her abstracts come to life. She creates with brushes, palette knives and often just her fingers using oils and acrylics.
Red loves the free-flowing movement of abstracts. It is her inner voice. She says “I don’t choose the content, it chooses me. I paint best when I let my hands do the talking”. Integral to her artwork is her love of and connection to Nature and Music. Red says that both evoke sensory experiences that awaken her creativity and frees her human spirit. To better connect with her audience, she writes an uplifting short story for each painting. These stories may have some history, uplifting quotes, or discussion about music. Her narratives are woven with facts about music, interesting tidbits about history, accounts of nature’s inspirational spirit, and descriptions of how color influences us; and of course, she shares her life experiences that are intertwined in the painting’s essence.
Red says that her art is an adventure, at times daring, whimsical, passionate, and challenging; but always expressive. Abstract art allows her to freely express her spirit of Red with imagination not bound by reality. She hopes her art touches each 


Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is an artist owned co-op. Our gallery member artists are local professional artists, many are nationally recognized! They are what makes our gallery the best in Central Florida.





The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is located at 1470 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Florida in the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD)