Gallery One, located in the front of the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, features changing exhibitions with opening receptions held the first Friday of the month from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. The shows are open to the public, admission is free, and refreshments are served.

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Solo Exhibition by Heather Kelley

September 29 – October 31

“I was in art school during an artistic revolution.  Following an expressionistic art period, we were exploring art without narrative —Op, Pop, Minimal, Conceptual, Performance, Feminist, and Modern Realism. My art roots are there and “Second Glance” represents how those experiences influenced my artistic evolution. Modern Realism creates a realism that the camera cannot see. That is, it is not photographic, but interprets the image with a medium more capable of breaking the 2-dimensional plane by emphasis, lighting, and paint application. It is about forms, space, colors, and textures, without an agenda to tell a story about the image.  In my figurative pieces, each muscular structure is modeled by layer upon layer of paint to achieve dimensional believability but not necessarily perfection.  My abstract works also forego storytelling, in favor of peaceful imagery.  I am hopeful my viewers will enjoy the simplicity and honesty inherent in my minimalist works.”

100% Pure Florida Juried Exhibition


Opening Friday, September 4th

Please join us for our 10th Annual Juried Exhibition. We enjoy meeting talented artists from all over the state,  to highlight their extraordinary talents at the gallery. 100% Pure Florida hangs each year during the month of September. “Pure Florida” refers to the artists’ residence. Subject matter is unlimited.

a show preview:

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For Award Sponsors and additional show information: 100% Pure Florida

100% Pure Florida Winners Announced 

1st Place Katherine Mathisen “Onus”

Sponsored by: Tom and Dotty Powers and Mrs. Philip McKee $500 and a solo show in 2016
2nd Place Frank Spino “Circle and Squares I”

Sponsored by: Susan and John Hopkins $300
3rd Place Susan Rollins Gehring “Red Fish Creek”

Sponsored by: Southern Janitor Supply $200
Merit Awards – $100 Each

Alex Stankiewicz “Zenfull Garden”

Sponsored by: Darcia and John Francey in Loving Memory of Link Johnsten

Mindy Colton “Journey Seeker II”

Sponsored by: Strawbridge Art League

Sandy Johnson “Ginnie Springs, FL”

Sponsored by: Titusville Art League

Louise Hill “Harmony”

Sponsored by: Art Gallery of Viera

Ashley Dennison “From a Dusty Bookshelf”

Sponsored by: Brevard Watercolor society

Georgina Love “Bic Ben”

Sponsored by: Art and Antiques Studio

July 28 – August 29

5:30 – 8:30

We all know that “a picture is worth … a thousand words”, but what happens when you ask artists to use their talents to express “one word“?

Each of the participating artists received a three word list from which they picked their “one word”, and have used their creativity to express that word. One word will be the title of their creation. The interactive part of the exhibit happens when viewers try to match the artwork to the correct title. It may not be as easy as it sounds. All artwork titles will be hidden from view until the matches have been made.

Show Preview

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Metamorphosis – The Transformative Art of Joe Thompson
June 30 –  July 25, 2015

Opening Reception: July 3rd, 2015    5:30 to 8:30 pm

Joe Thompson, a former member of  Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is back!

Joe is a self-taught artist from Vinings, Georgia and has been a sculptor for nearly 15 years, beginning with wood in the hills of Vermont, then moving on to steel in North Georgia. In his time away from the gallery he has also discovered house paint and a torch! The result is exciting.

Joe Thompson is an award winning sculptor. In 2011, he was commissioned to build a twenty foot tall stainless steel sculpture for the Canaveral Port Authority in Port Canaveral, Fl. Having begun his carreer with found objects, he developed a habit for finding cheap materials and using these materials to inspire his pieces. Joe sums up his work by saying: “I go to my shop everyday and give ART a place to happen. I feel like if I am there waiting, eventually my subconscious is going to deliver something great. You just have to be diligent and keep the faith. Endurance is more important than Truth!”

Artistic Explorations by Nancy Seib

June 2, 2015 – June 27, 2015

 Seib front

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is pleased to announce that Nancy Seib’s exhibit, Symbols and Sighs, will run from June 2nd through June 27th. Nancy was the 2014 Winner of our 100% Pure Florida competition. She received her MFA from the University of Chicago and came to Brevard to teach at BCC which is now Eastern Florida State College. Nancy’s art reflects the varied disciplines she has taught, combining styles and media, but always with a little philosophic edge.

April 28-May 31
Opening Friday, May 1st

Award-winning Orlando artist Mindy Z. Colton, originally from New York City, was classically trained in all the traditional arts. She pursued a career in Graphic Design & illustration, eventually leaving behind her successful career to follow her true passion as a fine artist. Her focus in recent years has been sculpture. She is known for her unique sculptural horses and large outdoor art.
Mindy graduated with honors from the High School of Music & Art, NYC. She attended the prestigious Parson’s School of Design, and also studied at the Art Student’s League of New York. Mindy earned a B.F.A. from Washington University in St. Louis School of Fine Art. She has pursued advanced sculpture experiences attending workshops in Colorado and Arizona.
Mindy’s fine art–including sculptures, paintings, mixed media, and photography, have been exhibited in numerous solo and two-person shows, and more than 150 juried and group shows garnering over 100 awards. Mindy has exhibited and garnered awards in both two dimensional and three dimensional mediums.

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March 31-April 26

Opening on Friday, April 3, 2015

Clutching Palms

Clutching Palms

Art fits Damien’s life style of healthy living, surfing when the waves are performing, and being present for parenting activities.   “I like to think that art is not about competing but cooperating with fellow artists.”   You will not find opportunities to buy his work anywhere other than Brevard County.

He works exclusively in acrylics, which gives the work a bold look and every piece ties him to water, be it ocean or the Lagoon.

To read more about Share and view additional work go to: Exhibitions

Sirens & Muses
Solo Exhibition by Melissa T. Hall

MHPostcardFrontVerB (800x620)

The gallery is excited to welcome our past member Melissa Hall for our March Front Room Gallery exhibition.

Artist Statement:

The past few years have seen a fundamental shift in the way I approach my photography.  When I originally began working with my camera, I shot a multitude of images that would later be combined into a single composition.  Textures inspired me.  Getting that elusive story into one shot was not a comfortable idea.  Returning to Kentucky after 10 years of living in Florida, altered not only my environment but also my muse. 
Shooting wonderful but dilapidated houses opened my eyes to new ways to tell a story.  These decaying spaces sparked my imagination and allowed me to start working conceptually.  I began to see the potential in my new environment and wanted to build narratives in these wonderful spaces.  I have branched out to incorporate a variety of locations, even including underwater photography.
Muses & Sirens presents a collection of work which celebrates what can happen when you listen to that siren call of finding that next location, the perfect dress, and the wild women who inhabit my work.

Saturday, March 7th at 2:00

Shoot, Print, Wax: Combining photography with encaustic processes

My work is built by combining my photographs with translucent layers of encaustic medium, oil paint, and pastels.  I use a heat gun or blow torch to fuse the wax to the photographs and their wooden supports.  To complete the final surface, I often apply a variety of mark making tools, oil paint to accentuate details or in thin washes, and cooler brushes to add texture to the work.  Encaustic can be unpredictable and unwieldy, but that adds an element of surprise that reminds me of happy accidents from the darkroom. —Melissa T. Hall


February 3-28, 2015


The celebration begins on First Friday, February 6, 2015, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m!

A champagne toast at 7:00 PM will mark the beginning of the Fortieth Anniversary Celebration at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, 1470 Highland Avenue.  The celebration begins on First Friday, February 6, 2015, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.  Past and present members will be honored by a video presentation featuring paintings and photos from the gallery’s history starting in 1975 when the gallery first opened. An Honor List of the 118 past and present gallery  members and a collage of photos from the past 40 years will highlight the display.   Mayor Kathy Meehan from the City of Melbourne will be participating in the celebration.  The public is invited.

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, the oldest in Brevard County, set a high standard from the beginning for artwork that would be shown in the gallery. That standard has been maintained to the present.  The gallery has provided a museum-like setting for the finest local artists, some nationally and internationally recognized, to display their work.  It is “the place to go” for original artwork and the finest crafts.

For a complete gallery exhibition schedule see our calendar…


Have you been to First Friday yet? The first Friday of every month is a great time to head down to Fifth Avenue Art Gallery and EGAD (Eau Gallie Arts District). We “open” all our exhibits on first Fridays. There is music and art in the park, and the Brevard Art Museum and other EGAD galleries are open too.

light refreshments
We hope to see you here!


Would you like to get an inside look at the techniques of award-winning artists? We invite you to join us on the second Saturday each month as we offer a presentation; artist demonstration or talk by guest artists. Free and open to the public! Limited seating so come early.

Damien Share
Saturday, April 11th at 2:00

IMG_5105 (2)
Share works exclusively in acrylics, which gives the work a bold look and every piece ties him to water, be it ocean or the Lagoon.

Mindy Colton
Saturday, May 9th at 2:00

Mindy with Wind Dancer

Mindy with Wind Dancer

Please join us for an artist talk with Mindy Z. Colton.

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is located at 1470 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Florida in the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD)  across from the Foosaner Art Museum.


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