Textile Trends Awards and Judges’s Statement

Keidra Daniels Navaroli
Judge’s Comments

First, I want to express my appreciation to Fifth Avenue Art Gallery for the invitation to judge this Textile Trends exhibition. It is always a pleasure to see the work produced by our fiber art community and this presentation was no exception. I know firsthand how dedicated and talented many of these artists are and that commitment made this judging an incredibly difficult choice. Congratulations not just to the “winners” but to all whose work and practice help to push the medium forward!

1st Place –        “Cosmic Dream” by Sally Cascario

The title “Cosmic Dream” is an appropriate metaphor for the infinite possibilities of the cosmos and the unique capabilities of fiber art.

What strikes me most about this piece is its dynamically composed composition.

The neon colors against the black background create striking contrasts.

The artist’s “web” of organic forms is complemented by impressively intricate details.  My eyes are drawn to the surface of this work as I find more to appreciate with each look.

2nd Place –       “Dock of the Bay” by Nikki Parenti

I appreciate the symmetry and the size of this piece. The contrast of the structured knots is complemented by the base of the work’s loose and unraveling ends. The composition is one of both regularity and irregularity, structure and spontaneity.  Dock of the Bay also plays with dimensionality, casting shadows on the wall behind it that change as you move from one end of the piece to the other.

3rd Place –        “Bothered” by Gabriele DiTota

DiTota imbues this art quilt with an impressive amount of color, work, and detail. I value the use of hand dyed materials as well as the effective combination of fabrics that form the composition. The layering of the fronds against an abstract background forms beautifully complex layers heightened by subtly incorporated symbols, words, and stitching.

Honorable Mentions:

“Florida Spirits” by Susan Rienzo

“Suspended Moments” by Gabriele DiTota

“The Secret of my Woven Garden” by Lois Mittleman

“Steampunk Puppy” by Kestrel Michaud

“Moondance” – by Doris Hulse

“Miscommunication” by Ellen Lindner

“Liquified Cacti” by Cathy Parker