Creativity in Isolation, part 2

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that lots and lots of creative types flourish under self-induced isolation. While the gallery has been closed for the past 7 weeks following our state’s guidelines for the Covid 19 virus outbreak, our artists have been exercising their creativity at their homes and studios. We want to share some of that work with you.

Gallery member Barbara Desrosiers shares:


This is Guardian 84, in process. It has not yet gone through the transfer process which will change the image a little bit. I have been spending a good amount of time creating Guardian images during the pandemic. They seem to keep me company and calm my mind. Recently I have been told by two viewers that one if them thinks of them as Watchers and the other as Warriors. I find the different perceptions informative and reinforcing of my belief that art takes on its own life when it leaves my hands.  — Peace, Barb