Frits Van Eeden

Born on the 13th of March 1944 in Tilburg and later of the Hague, evolved into a internationally recognized artist.
Attendance in “De Vrije School” in the Hague stimulated his creative mind, interest, and ability in the Arts. His early interest was promoted by private teachers such as Ed Stralitski, Theo Bitter, Wim Beuning, Bram Roth, Derk Bus, and Jan Goeting. All renowned artist members of the “Pulchri Studio”, home of the famous “Hague School”.
After studying at the “Rietveld Acadamy” under Ben Guntenaar (Sculptor), Frits was offered membership to the “Pulchri Studio” were he pursued sculpting and painting. Frits was the first member to be admitted in more than once discipline, which shows in the “3-D” quality of his paintings.
After participating in shows at the “Pulchri Studio” Frits participated in group and one-man show throughout Europe and Asia. The Ministry of Culture, Recreation, and Social Works (CRM) provided Frits with a Stipendium to study the work of Henry Moore, the dream of most young sculptors. This influence prevails to this day.
A trip to the United States availed Frits the opportunity to see the work of students at Harvard, where he found that their work was similar to that of Academy-level in Europe. After this experience he made his semi-annual visit to Florida, where in 1979 he entered a juried competition at the Artist Forum of the Brevard Art Center and Museum of Melbourne. His work, two life-size sculptures of horses, won best-in-show. The award being a “One-Man-Show” at the museum, only the second time such honor has been awarded. Under a grant from The State of Florida, Frits was give the position of Artist-in-Residence at the museum and served on-and-off as a major instructor for 30 years.
Frits is currently recognized by many of the World Art Critics and shows often in Europe, The Caribbean, and the United States. At last count he has participated in nearly on hundred single and group shows.