Sandy L Ford


On this journey of art making, I have been introduced to Fibonacci Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, the 13C. (Middle Ages) Italian mathematician who unraveled the perfect ratio that all things created have in common. Be it the formation of the 250 billion galaxies, human beings, plants or animals; everything formed during creation is based on God’s “Divine Proportion” of 1: 1.618 or Phi.

Being an interior designer, ASID, in my earlier years, I am used to seeing shapes, space allocation, colors and movement. Now I am using what comes naturally for me creating flat pattern designs where each shape is a flat shape based on the mathematical ratio of another shape while the colors dance to their own tempo.

This style of painting is a rather lengthy, complicated process involving both the “left brain” which is used for math logic and then switching to the creative “right brain” which allows the colors and movement to dance to their own song and tempo. Because the shapes themselves are of most importance, I am considered a “hard-edge” painter allowing the shapes to remain true to their mathematical ratios.

I love to paint custom commission work for that special person who wants something unique. I do not have a definite color palette. Being an interior designer I am used to working with any selection of colors to create that dream come true which is only a call away from becoming reality.

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