Heather Kelley

I was in art school during an artistic revolution.  Following an expressionistic art period, we were exploring art without narrative —Op, Pop, Minimal, Conceptual, Performance, Feminist, and Modern Realism. My artistic evolutionary roots were influenced by these art experiences. Modern Realism creates a realism that the camera cannot see. That is, it is not photographic, but interprets the image with a medium more capable of breaking the 2-dimensional plane by emphasis, lighting, and paint application. It is about forms, space, colors, and textures, without an agenda to tell a story about the image.  In my figurative pieces, each muscular structure is modeled by layer upon layer of paint to achieve dimensional believability but not necessarily perfection.  My abstract works also forego storytelling, in favor of peaceful imagery.  My newest medium is neon light on canvas – a journey to a place which is minimal in line and light.  I mean for it to coax and challenge the viewer as the spatial field expands to include them via reflective light. I am hopeful my viewers will enjoy the simplicity and honesty inherent in my minimalist works.

Artist’s Bio

Heather is a member of The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery.  She grew up in Orlando and, with private art instruction from local “Art Legends of Orange County” artists Ralph Bagley and Bill Orr, has been painting since age 10.  Her art degree is from The University of Florida, with graduate work at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  She resides in Merritt Island, Florida.