Barbara Desrosiers

It has been the aim of my work to make visible the invisible influences upon us. As my art progresses, that mission has become more centered. Now I aim to listen.

I listen to that wee, small voice.
I listen to the loud, thunderous roar.
I listen to the voice of the birds.
I listen to the breeze in the trees.
I attempt to listen to the voice of God in and around us all.

My youth was spent on the Jersey Shore followed by years of world-wide travel, courtesy of the USAF and my marriage to a military chaplain. Art, and making art, have been major influences in my life from my earliest years. I received a BFA in studio art at the University of Rhode Island and have explored myriad mediums in search of my voice. I have found that in the combination of tradition media and technology.

My work has transitioned from realistic watercolor to, digital work. The introduction of the iPad has fulfilled a vision I had years ago of painting in the air. Creating images on the iPad, refining them on my computer and then printing them on a specific film all lead to the transfer process when the image becomes one with watercolor paper. The process itself is very satisfying and mysterious.