Barbara Desrosiers

“It has been the aim of my work to make visible the invisible influences upon us. As my art progresses, that mission has become more centered. Now I aim to listen.

I listen to that wee, small voice.
I listen to the loud, thunderous roar.
I listen to the voice of the birds.
I listen to the breeze in the trees.
I attempt to listen to the voice of God in and around us all.”

My youth was spent on the Jersey Shore followed by years of world-wide travel, courtesy of the USAF and my marriage to a military chaplain. Art, and making art, have been major influences in my life from my earliest years. I received a BFA in studio art at the University of Rhode Island and have explored myriad mediums in search of my voice. I have found that in the combination of wax and technology.

My work has transitioned from realistic watercolor to, currently, digital work merged with the ancient form of encaustic painting. To maintain contact with raw color and light, I paint in pure encaustic also. The combination of these two mediums has allowed me all my loves of technology and hands on wrestling with physical medium. The process is complimented by the challenge of making visible the invisible influences upon us, thereby revealing the connection between the earthly and the intangible. It is my desire to offer the viewer an invitation to contemplate and, hopefully, find peace.

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