Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson is a self-taught artist from Vinings, Ga. At the age of 28, a chance occurrence in his business started Joe down the road to awakening his creative side and passion for art. While owning several mobile home parks in NW Georgia, he allowed a tenant to barter a welding machine for a months rent. This welder soon peaked Joe’s interest and he began learning how to weld things  together.  A good friend worked at the local landfill and Joe convinced him to start  dropping off some pieces of metal to practice with.
Well, over ten years go by, and Joe Thompson is an award winning sculptor with many articles written about him and his art. In 2011, he was commissioned to build a twenty foot tall stainless steel sculpture for the Canaveral Port Authority in Port Canaveral, Fl.  He is considered to be a world class sculptor by many collectors, writers and critics. Having begun his carrier with found objects, developed a  habit for finding cheap materials and using these materials to inspire his pieces.   Joe sums up his work by saying: “I go to my shop everyday and give ART a place to happen. I feel like if I am there waiting, eventually my subconscious is going to deliver something great. You just have to be diligent and keep the faith. Endurance is more important than Truth!”

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