Jini James



“I can’t remember a time when I did not make art.  I have always found joy in those moments when all track of time is lost and mind and hand move seemingly as one.”

If life informs art, it was my years in nursing that honed my ability to read hidden stories in faces full of character and, consequently, fueled my desire to share these vignettes in paint.  I move easily from pencil and watercolors, which lend themselves to realism, to pastel and oil, which showcase my love of impressionism.  I believe drawing skills are critical for all media and years of working from live models have perfected my draftsmanship. Given an accurate rendering it is my creative choice of colors which both light and shadow that allows my subject to reveal its message.

I paint in a downtown studio in Melbourne, Florida and enjoy teaching as well.  But as a lifelong boater I often find myself on the water for stretches at a time.  It is then I am grateful for the portability of watercolors and pencils so I can immerse myself in studies of marine scenes, beaches and water vessels.   Let me wake up on the water to character-filled beaches and my creative soul will absolutely burst with line and color!