Beth-Anne Fairchild

“I have always been an artist even though I made a living doing something else. I look at everything in life as though I was going to paint it. Shadows, colors, subject matter, how can I kick that up a notch? I love painting from nature and studying how sunlight and colors are really a combination of interacting abstract shapes making a beautiful object.”

“I always knew I would be an artist someday but life got in the way. I came to Florida from Vermont after a bad car accident left me partially paralized with a broken back and neck. I got a job as a designer for “World of Christmas” and the next year I opened the “Christmas Cottage”. After selling that business I was chosen to be a State Farm Insurance Agent, one of the first female agents in the US. During the 28 years I was an agent I would take a weekend course here and there in watercolor painting but never had the time to really persue it. In 2007 I gave my one year notice to the company and started my full time career as an artist. I consider myself a self taught artist. Sometimes it is better not to know the rules of art because your mistakes can be beautiful. I like strong color, strong light and dark, and feeling like you are inside the painting. I spend weeks on my paintings and do not feel rushed to finish until it feels right to me. In the short time I have been painting I have won a dozen awards including 2 First Place awards and have been accepted into the most prestigious shows and exhibitions.”

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