2019 Exhibitions


January 2-26th

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is proud to present Openings to the World. This is a members’ exhibit which challenged our member artists to create work with doors and windows as the theme. Doors and windows not only make nice artistic subjects but also can have deeper symbolic meanings. There will be a First Friday Opening Reception at the gallery on January 4 from 5:30 through 8:30 pm.


100percentlogo copy

January 27- February 25

100% Pure Florida, an annual juried exhibition is back. This statewide juried show will open at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery on Monday, January 27, 2019. There will be a First Friday Opening Reception on February 1 from 5:30 through 8:30 pm. Plan to attend and meet these wonderful artists and see the awards presented for this year’s winners.
Our judge this year will be Gregory Graham Grant, an internationally known portrait and nature artist. Greg began his career at the age of 9 and has gone on to achieve world wide acclaim. He holds a BFA in Painting from East Carolina University and has worked in the art gallery business in the Washington, DC area, eventually becoming director of a firm with 10 galleries. His portraits have been commissioned by many notable clients. He and his wife, Karen, presently enjoy life in Ormond Beach, FL. 100% Pure Florida refers to the artist’s residence. Subject matter and style are unlimited. This show has traditionally attracted the best of Florida artists and is always a visual delight.

Our first place winner will receive a solo exhibition for September 2019 and an award of $500. Second place will receive an award of $300 and Third place will receive an award of $200. There will also be 3 or more Merit awards of $100 awarded. Our sponsors this year are First Place: Barbara & Norman Desrosiers with Smile Design & Wellness Center, Second Place: John & Susan Hopkins, Third Place: Miller & Hurt Wealth Advisors. Merit award sponsors are Phyllis Shipley, John & Darcia Fracey, in memory of Ann Jones, and Brevard Watercolor Society.



Mark Mittleman & Bill McCoy
February 26 – March 30

Double Vision image

Sometimes two heads are better than one. Member artists, Mark Mittleman and Bill McCoy, have joined forces to create art from the same subject matter as seen through two artists’ eyes. Double Vision, art by Mark Mittleman & Bill McCoy opens on February 25 at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery. Working together they have found subjects to execute in their two separate mediums, allowing the viewer to compare and contrast how a photographer and a painter look at and compose a scene. This interesting approach also demonstrates how the constraints of the two art forms transform the image. The exhibit, Double Vision, art by Mark Mittleman & Bill McCoy, promises to be stimulating and intriguing.


April 1-27

Claws and Effect - Jenkins, lo res

“Claws and Effect” watercolor by Lori Pitten Jenkins

Whet your appetite for art. Are you an artist? Are you a foodie? April at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is your chance to meld the beauty of food and the love of making it with visual beauty and creativity. If you are an artist, please visit our website for details on the open call for art for this exhibit. (https://fifthavenueartgallery.com/call-for-art/) If you are a foodie, plan to be there to view art that melds a love for food and a love for art. If you are neither, but love art, come enjoy the visual feast. Bon Appetit will be an exhibit for both your eyes and your palette.

Vera Sattler Solo Exhibition
April 29 – May 25

Orange fish V Sattler

The month of May will find Fifth Avenue Gallery awash with the glass work of Vera Sattler. Glass Fantasies will open on April 29 with a First Friday Opening Reception on May 3 from 5:30 to 8:30pm. Plan to come and meet Vera and allow your vision to swim with color.
Ms. Sattler has been actively working in the glass industry since 1946, and has a background rich in training, education and experience. Her specialties are stained glass, copper enameling, slumped and fused glass, and glass jewelry. Vera’s work is featured in galleries across the state. She has a long list of commissions and exhibits to her credit and continues to create new material. This exhibit promises to be a chance to add some glass art to your collection and some brilliant color to your visual life.

June 3-29


Back to Earth II lo res
Back to Earth II, an invitational exhibit of pottery and ceramics, at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery will delight you with its charm and innovation. Using the most basic of elements to create works of beauty, these featured artists love to play in the muck. The results are surprising and wonderful, items of both visual beauty and also of everyday service. This is work to remind you that all we have comes from earth and even the most lowly of forms of that earth can be transformed into the most beautiful and useful pieces of 3D art.
Work from eight clay artists are included in this exhibit. These artists are Susan Bach, Ken Jensen, John Kellum, Brenda McMahon, John McCoy, Aletha Rector, Lisa Shepperd and Gail Snively. Together these artists have years of experience and awards in their backgrounds. Their work is sure to change the way you view ceramics and pottery.
Susan Bach stated it beautifully when she said “So often God is spoken of as an artist, a potter. We know that He created Man in His image from the clay of the Earth.  That always makes me wonder why pottery is considered one of the lesser art forms. To me, working in clay is a marvelous mixture of delight and difficulty. Clay can be formed into so many shapes. It is radiant with color. It’s hardness is an asset to it’s function. It can be broken into many pieces yet re-assembled as an astounding mosaic. God knew what He was doing when He made us from the clay of the Earth.”

July 1-27

Wenesday Group
“Where Am I?”.

Where Am I_ ad 4
The Wednesday Group is an informal organization with roots going back to the early 1980s. It has grown to a membership of roughly 20 artists. The group grew out of a need for a place to discuss art seriously and to mutually support each other’s artistic work. The group has always remained fluid, members coming and going as life demanded, while still retaining its history of group shows, supporting each other’s work and discussing art. There have never been any officers or a move to make the group a formal organization.
The women have several times taken trips together, all centered around art or the making of art. They have gone to New York City and to Mexico as part of their journeys. Together they have had several group shows, including Chaos at the Foosaner Museum in 2003. Many members have shown in solo or group exhibitions at the Foosaner also. Some of the members worked juried street shows on the FL circuit, juried museum shows, taught at-risk teens in the community, taught art in elementary schools with Brevard Cultural Alliance, taught at BCC, local libraries and gave private art lessons. Education levels include BA, BS, BFA, MFA and PhD as well as self taught artists. All together the group represents uncounted years of art experience. Despite the looseness of the group’s organization, joining remains an informal juried admission.
The ladies of The Wednesday Group have now united to bring their talents to the challenging question, Where Am I? Some are responding literally, some are responding philosophically. No matter the response you prefer, you are sure to find this exhibit a treasure of beauty and challenge.


July 29 – August 31

Liquid Wood
Larry Buist Solo Exhibition 


Liquid Wood, a solo exhibit by Larry Buist, will mess with your concepts of wood. Plan to come to Fifth Avenue Art Gallery to experience wood as you’ve never experienced it before. This highly engaging show will open on July 29 and will run through August 31. Come meet Buist at the 1st Friday Opening Reception on August 2 from 5:30 through 8:30 pm. Larry will also be giving a 2nd Saturday talk about his work on August 10, at 2 pm. Plan to attend either event, or both, to meet Buist and to learn about his amazing approach to wood.

Mr Buist has been working in 3 dimensional art for over 20 years. His work has won many awards and is in many collections, including the Hilton Charter Hotel in Seattle, WA. Buist says of his work, “I sculpt but do not draw or paint except to work out designs for sculptures. In preparation for a new piece I often create clay or wire models. When working without a model I follow a vision and assemble pieces until a rough concept is manifest. With each new piece, I push the limits of my abilities and technical experience, as well as the medium I work in…”

September 2 – 28

100% Pure Florida 2nd Place Winner
Jill Heveron

IMG_2538 J Heveron hi res

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is proud to announce an exhibit in September by 100% Pure Florida second place winner, Jill Heveron.
Jill started early in life with an enthusiasm for creating art. She began her art path with drawing and found strong encouragement from one particular high school art teacher in Syracuse, NY. From her she learned the wonder of studio work, art history and competitions. She had originally intended to go into architecture, and even received a regents diploma in Art history from high school. Then entered life and it wasn’t until retirement that she returned to painting for painting’s sake. She began studies locally in Florida beginning in watercolors and quickly transitioning to acrylic, and then to oil, her current favorite medium.
Heveron says of her work “I really enjoy trying a variety of subjects as they all offer a challenge. That’s how you grow as an artist. To me art is always a work in progress. Just because a painting is signed and framed does not mean it is ever finished, in the artist’s eye.”


September 30 – October 26

Nance Gatti Solo Exhibition

N Gatti Mann ad 1

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is pleased to showcase Experience: INDIA, art by Nance Gatti Mann during the month of October. Ms. Gatti Mann has created a collection of oil paintings inspired by her love for India. The show will open on September 30 with a First Friday Opening Reception on October 4, from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. Plan to come and meet Nance and have your own India experience.

Nance discovered her love for art during her childhood in Brooklyn, NY. While her life took her into the sciences, she was deeply inspired to try painting after seeing El Greco’s work while in Spain. It was much later in life that a friend’s words finally lit the fire that had been smoldering. She said “Why wait?”

Her approach is very methodical, she tackles her palette with the precision of a scientist. Nance doesn’t want to ever limit herself in her explorations, otherwise, she feels, she couldn’t express herself. She is interested in the interconnectedness of everything. For her, nothing is independent or stands alone.


October 28 – January 4, 2020

Annual Holiday Craft Show

a sampling from previous years…

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Our annual Holiday Craft show is a tradition here at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery! We invite fine craft persons from across the country for this spectacular showcase, bringing the best in pottery, glass, wood, fiber, textiles, jewelry and more for the shopping pleasure of our Brevard County patrons. Some of our crafters return year after year, and others are new additions, which makes this 2 month long exhibition fresh and new every year!

Interested? You must be invited to participate as one of our crafters! Stop in the gallery and introduce yourself and your craft… we keep a log of crafters we want to participate. Not local? Email us with your art info, sample images, website etc. and we will be happy to take a look.